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A More Accessible OWL! -- Landrum

Followers of this blog may remember that we did a series of posts about how OWL training can be expensive and difficult for congregations.  Well, the good news is that it has now gotten a little bit easier.  The UUA is making OWL training for all ages available in Columbus prior to General Assembly, thus enabling folks already traveling to GA to minimize travel costs associated with OWL training.  Folks interested can see details here.

This is your Association at work, responding directly to the need they've heard about from religious educators (and certain bloggers).  Melanie Davis, the OWL Program Associate writes, "The decision to host the training is due in part to requests made by religious educators who find trainings in other areas cost prohibitive, as well as to requests to combine OWL training and GA to help lower travel expenses."

The cost is still $250 for the training itself, but the ability to combine the trip with GA for those already traveling to GA cut…