The Always and Already Guilty Perps

The narrative about the Clintons, spun now for nearly a quarter century, is always the same. Whatever they are doing, they are up to no good. Give us enough time, give us enough documents, we will be able to prove what they are crooks. Until then, where there is smoke, there must be fire.

The transcripts of her speeches to Wall Street Firms are the new emails. Any document not in the public record must contain the smoking gun, the moment when she condemns Chris Stevens to death in Benghazi, or the moment when gives her quids to and picks up her quos from Wall Street moguls.

I recently re-read Toni Morrison's comments about Bill Clinton as America's first black President. As an aside, she points out the cultural signifiers, the saxophone,  the single mother, the junk food, but her main point is more relevant to us today.  Speaking of the pursuit of the then President, she says,  "The always and already guilty "perp" is being hunted down not by a prosecutor's obsessive application of law but by a different kind of pursuer, one who makes new laws out of the shards of those he breaks. " 

"The always and already guilty 'perp".. Morrison points out that what we now call the "criminalization of the black body" was in the process of being applied to Bill Clinton. The Republicans, the media, and eventually the "respectable" Democrats all operated on the assumption that he was "always and already guilty." It was just a matter of time and effort until the evidence was found. It was because Bill Clinton had reached that point where his guilt of something was assumed, and it was up to him to prove his innocence, that Morrison thought him "the first black President."

Hillary is now "the always and already guilty 'perp.'  For Trey Gowdy and the GOP, she is guilty of killing the diplomats at Benghazi. They will find the proof any day now. For the Left, however, a different unproven crime awaits evidence. She is a whore of Wall Street. (Google "Hillary Wall Street Whore" if you think that I am exaggerating the ubiquity of this presumption.)

The crowd booed when she pointed out it is an artful smear to suggest a transaction without any details of it. As proof, Sanders brought forth the obvious example of the entire GOP field who while funded by the fossil fuel industry denies climate change. Both sides of that transaction are on the public record. There is a quid pro quo. The contributions are made and the candidates repeat a foolish assertion.

But where are both sides of the soul-selling of Hillary Clinton? That she accepts campaign contributions is known. But what did anyone get from it? She has a tough set of proposals for Wall Street regulation; where has she done their will in a criminal way? None of that actually matters though, because she is 'the always and already guilty perp." So much so that other-wise fair-minded progressives repeat the unsubstantiated charge to signify the depth of their radical analysis.

For 25 years, the GOP and the media has worked to shroud the Clintons in cloud of suspicion. The list of disproven charges is extensive, and some were ridiculous, but the effort shows every sign of being successful.

An entire generation of young voters have grown up with the image of the shifty, criminalized Clintons as a fixture in their political environment. Whatever she was doing, she was covering something up. That she appeared personable or charming was obviously a testament to her craftiness. Everything about her is controlled, her inner witch only slipping out when she cackles.

We know from the history of the Obama presidency that the GOP and its noise machine do not consider Democratic presidents to be legitimate. In their mind, a Democratic administration is a danger quirk in the operation of the system. And so they work night and day to delegitimize it.The same thing happened to the Clintons. They are still building a story about the weak and ineffectual Jimmy Carter.  (Twenty years from now, what will be remembered about the Obamas will include a caricature of Michelle Obama, that uppity black woman who wore fabulous clothes, vacationed like royalty, and lectured us about eating our vegetables. And the children of today's millennials will believe it as being somehow true.)


  1. Hillary and her supporters have set some interesting standards.

    They insist they are for the rights of all women, but then demonize any woman who dares support any candidate-who's-not-Hillary, damning dissenters to "a special place in HELL" .

    Hillary promotes her deep foreign policy experience, yet when asked about the results & consequences of her push to topple Quaddafy, Mubarek, and Assad ... Hillary claims she's being persecuted.

    Hillary's decades of staunch reliance on military power to solve problems, as shown by her years of deep support for the Iran War ... similar to her support for Goldwater & the Vietnam War ... reveal her deepest tendencies. ...

    When the rest of us saw Kissinger as the architect of 7 more years of the brutal Vietnam war ... Hillary extols Kissinger ... extols Kissingers's 'accomplishments' ... and most of all Hillary extols Kissinger's 'judgement'.

    Hillary publicly admires her mentor Kissinger, publicly regularly seeking his advice in the past decades... but then Hillary gets indignant when questioned about her mentor ... an indignant when questioned about her personal record.

    This all goes to Hillary's actual knowledge of foreign policy ~ the area she claims to know best ... Does Hillary really know what works ... versus what has failed?

    Why are Hillary's decades of admiration of Kissinger so revealing of Hillary's judgement?**

    ~ Hillary's judgment & 'accomplishments' really should be publicly evaluated ...

    Why question these things?
    We have just this one chance to get Hillary to admit her significant past errors

    ... as a last chance to get Hillary to promise to ~ change her ways ~

    ... before she becomes President ...

  2. **Why are Hillary's decades of admiration of Kissinger so revealing of Hillary's judgement?

    ~ Hillary's judgment & 'accomplishments' really should be publicly evaluated ...
    before she's elected ... while she's still accountable & responsive to voters.

    Why question these things?
    We have just this one chance to get Hillary to admit her significant past errors

    ... as a last chance to get Hillary to promise to ~ change her ways ~ ...

    Why is Hillary's admiration of Kissinger so important?

    Facts. ... When we hear "Kissinger", we should remember:

    ~ Henry Kissinger = 'Domino Theory'

    ~ Henry Kissinger = Secret - illegal invasions of Laos.
    ~ Henry Kissinger = Secret - illegal bombings of Laos.

    ~ Henry Kissinger = Secret - illegal invasions of Cambodia.
    ~ Henry Kissinger = Secret - illegal bombings of Cambodia.

    ~ Henry Kissinger = His illegal invasions & bombings of Cambodia were key in wrecking the Cambodian government, opening the door for inserting the brutal dictator Pol Pot ... directly leading to the deaths of 6 million innocents.

    ... activities & accomplishments that Hillary deeply admires.

    ~ Henry Kissinger = Promises to end the Vietnam War in 1968 ... yet delays & prolongs the War for 7 more years ... not leaving until April 1975.

    ~ Henry Kissinger = Negotiated peace accords with the Vietnamese in bad-faith. ...

    ~ Henry Kissinger = Did nothing when the N. Vietnamese violated major terms of his 'peace accord'.

    ~ Henry Kissinger = Did nothing when the N. Vietnamese army illegally rolled 1,000's of tanks over the 38'th parallel ~ a direct violation of Kissinger's Peace Accords

    ~ directly leading to the collapse of South Vietnam.**

    ~ Henry Kissinger = "Peace with Honor" ... **

  3. **
    ~ Henry Kissinger = "Peace with Honor" ...

    ~ Henry Kissinger = Oversaw the US-backed Pinochet takeover of Chile.

    ~ Henry Kissinger = Personally & deeply Rejected democracy, through the overthrow of the democratically-elected President Allende in Chile.

    "Kissinger pressed Nixon to overthrow the democratically elected Allende government because his "'model' effect can be insidious," documents show.

    On 40th anniversary of coup, over ten documents on Kissinger's role in undermining democracy, prove his support of military dictatorship in Chile.

    Kissinger overruled aides on military regime's human rights atrocities; told Pinochet in 1976:
    "We want to help, not undermine you. You did a great service to the West in overthrowing Allende."

    National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 437

    ~ Henry Kissinger = On China: Kissinger insisted in 1979 that China had 'abandoned communism' , and Mao and his Gang of 5 were 'no longer a threat' .

    ~ Henry Kissinger = Even after the invasion of Ukraine, Kissinger remains a Putin supporter and advocate for Russian hegemony over Crimea and Ukraine.

    ~ Henry Kissinger = Just last September 14, 2015 Kissinger announced that:
    “one has to understand that for Russia, Ukraine can never be just another country."

    "It is believed that Ukraine is an integral part of the Russian patrimony.” ... A Sept. 14, 2015 report by Henry Kissinger.

    For the last 50 years Kissinger has been consistently wrong about world events. Kissinger's mistakes have repeatedly cost the United States dearly.

    Hillary on Kissinger:
    Hillary reviewed Kissinger's latest book, writing:
    “Kissinger is a friend, and I relied on his counsel when I served as secretary of state."

    " He checked in with me regularly, sharing astute observations about foreign leaders and sending me written reports on his travels.”

    Do Hillary ... and Kissinger have records of 'Good judgement' ?

    ~ Hillary's judgment & 'accomplishments' really should be publicly evaluated ...

    Hillary's strong support of the Wars on Iraq & Afghanistan led to the 'collateral damage' killing of over 1 million innocent Muslim kids, elderlies, and innocent women ... a result that neither Conservatives nor Hillary ever acknowledge.

    Why question Hillary?
    We have just this one chance to get Hillary to admit her significant past errors

    ... as a last chance to get Hillary to promise to ~ change her ways ~ ...

    now, while she is still listening-to the voters ...

    Now, before she is elected.


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