One More Thing that UU's Should Have learned

When the first openly GLBT ministers were being considered for settlement, and even when just the first openly GLBT minister was being considered for settlement in a particular church, we learned this: Homophobic people would say this: "You want us to pick a minister just because they are gay."  Or, "I don't want a minister who keeps telling us that they are gay." 

UU's learned that these were defensive deflections to defend old prejudices.

So, why would UU's respond to the exploration of sexism as it affects how people perceive Hillary Clinton with the same accusation, "You think people should vote for her just because she is a woman."

No, I plan to vote for her because she has been a progressive political leader for decades, and because she is personally tougher than almost everyone who has run for President before, because she is great foreign policy experience implementing Obama's post-Neocon policies and yes, because she is a woman, and it is a good thing to blow by that kind of prejudice and exclusion.

I didn't vote for Obama just because he was black. I also didn't ask him to ignore the fact that he was black. GLBT ministers have many ministerial qualities and they are gay, which adds more strength to the mix.

Our theological reflections about our own experience with anti-oppressive work in our own congregation are so weak and shallow that we don't seem to be able to apply what we have learned to the larger arena of national politics. 


  1. As a gay man, I find this post quite offensive. Hillary Clinton has NOT been a "progressive political leader for decades" on glbt issues -- Bernie Sanders has. To use an analogy to support her based on glbt issues while ignoring her anti-glbt past is wrong.

    Bernie Sanders voted against DOMA, which codified, among many other nasty anti-gay persecutions, the splitting up of binational gay couples and the deportation of the non-US citizen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan of New York also voted against it. When campaigning to take Moynihan's seat in 2000, Clinton said she would have voted FOR DOMA, and supported it. She didn't endorse same-sex marriage until three days after Republican senator Portman of Ohio did.

    I'm not voting against Hillary Clinton because she's a woman -- I'm voting against her because of her history of opposing equality for glbt people.

  2. Tim, I don't think you read my post very carefully at all. I would explain, but most readers will be able to see that.

  3. Martin7:24 AM

    I know this is doesn't get to the message of your post as a whole, but it must nevertheless be said: "GLBT" is NOT the same thing as "gay." Bisexuals are no more gay than they are straight. Some trans people are gay, but others are straight, pansexual, asexual, queer, bisexual, etc. Talking about GLBT ministers and then only mentioning homophobia and using the word gay synonymous with GLBT erases these groups completely. If you want to talk only about gay ministers and the issues they face, leave the "B" and "T" off. If you want to talk about all GLBT ministers, actually do so.


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