Take a Break and Light Your Chalice

Light Your Chalice.

When the news of the world fills you with dread and anguish, light your chalice. Your discomfort is telling you that you are torn and that you wrestle with contradictory ideas or goals. You have a divided heart and a troubled mind.

Light Your Chalice. Sit in its small circle of light.

There is a spirit that flows through the religion of the chalice. No one person can name it exactly, but it is carried by words like "generous" and "compassion" and "dignity" and "hope" and "fair".  It is the promise of our congregations, however imperfectly they live.

Light Your Chalice and try to touch this evanescent spirit, the spirit that is the deep calling to the deepest in you.

Is this spirit not a challenge to you? Doesn't ask you for more than you think you can give? More generous sympathy for the other? More kindness and patience? More imagination? More time and energy for the expression of love and nurturance of justice? Isn't fulfilling this spirit the highest goal of your life?

Light Your Chalice

Religious principles, or spiritual understandings, exist among all the other demands of life: satisfying the standards of our work, the obligations of love for friends and family, political and tribal loyalties, the duties of citizenship and patriotism. But they also challenge those other demands. Don't they claim an ultimate place?

Light Your Chalice and sit in its circle of light. Read and re-read the Unitarian Universalist writings that speak most directly to you. Sing your favorite hymn.

In the light of the chalice, there is safety enough to think the unthinkable; you may have been wrong, you may have been placing your allegiance in something too small to be worthy, you may have let an indifference grow in your thoughts. You may have taken for granted a privileged place.

Light Your Chalice, and make a place of light for you to grow and change.

My chalice at work.



  1. I love what you wrote. Thank you.

  2. This is epic and beautiful. May I use it at an RE committee meeting?

  3. Bringatorch: anything on my blog shareable and quoteable. Credit is nice.

  4. Hi Tom, many thanks! Will definitely credit you and include a link in the agenda. It really is fantastic.


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