Over the Edge -- Brave Souls

Having deep seated fears about heights, fires and drowning, the recent UUA GA in Providence was a bit of a challenge for me.  I did not rappell off the side of a building, because of an earlier traumatic experience with a Ferris wheel. I stayed well back during the Waterfire witness. The fear that I might fall in and be swept down the swift flowing river bouncing off one giant red hot flaming chalice of death after another deterred me. 

But a brave faith takes many forms, so I tried to hear of other stories of courageous witness from participants at GA.  Some unverified stories:

I heard of a minister who changed the Christmas Eve order of service.

Another recently settled minister told the largest donor that no, they did not get to veto decisions of the Board.

Someone told a UU Republican that just because no one agreed with them, it didn't mean they were oppressed. 

A whole congregation somewhere stepped up to the plate and took up clapping during hymns. The steeple stood. 

A congregation had a contested election for an important office. Somebody lost and somebody won, and but both agreed to stand by the congregational covenant. 

100% of a church's made a monthly pledge that matched or exceeded their cable bill, thus risking a lifetime of perpetual poverty.

Myself, I called some people I didn't know on the telephone. I wasn't even wearing my robe. 


  1. I also heard that:
    --Somebody changed "joys and sorrows," and somebody else eliminated it from their service completely
    --Somebody used the word "God," even when told that somebody else didn't like it when they did,
    --Somebody stepped back and decided something they were doing wasn't working, then stopped doing it, and wasn't called a failure for trying.


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