What I Think I'm Doing? Part Eleventy heaven

Another answer to the question people ask me? What on earth do you think you're doing?

What do you think you're doing?
I am trying to develop the language, the words and music, the poetry and prose, of why UU's do what we do, why we believe what we believe.

My assumption is that people see us in action first. They see our social practice in their communities. They see the messages on our buildings. They see our online presence over the shoulder of their friends. They are following people who follow some of us. So they get the picture that we are a group of well-meaning, committed, ethically driven, genuine people who do good things, support good causes.

But why? Why do we set these aspirations for ourselves?

We need fresh and contemporary language to explain ourselves, our missions, our goals, our methods. Assembling that language is what I am trying to do.

Occasionally, I turn a phrase that works well. Sometimes, I get out a well-crafted and meaningful sentence. I invite you to use it, modify it, polish it up and make it yours. I am not writing to make money. I am not writing to be frequently quoted with footnotes. I am writing to change the way we talk.


  1. What You Think You Are Doing?
    You post regularly and I read you in batches, irregularly. Not the optimal way to digest your thinking, but real to the life I lead, congregational and too often not "beyond" enough.

    You reflect upon the intersection of our larger culture, politics and things Unitarian Universalist, within, beyond and behind us. I, your reader, have reflected on these things too, though most often, not with as much intention...unless it is to be in a sermon or a column.

    You give words to problems we both see, a good turn of phrase now and then, but wholly acceptable always. You name what is felt, known and insist that it needs attention. A worthy, necessary thing, to be the namer of truths. A most excellent thing to remind others to be a namer of truths.

    The problems, shortcomings, limitations, missed opportunities, misunderstandings, of our Faith get some of your attention. Even more do you ask what habit of mind led us to miss the mark. You stand close and ask tough questions. I am made to examine a little deeper, truer understanding seeping in to awareness.

    What do you think you are doing? Good work, I say. The move, the impulse. the deep set that came from thinking and reading and paying attention now meets the freedom of a larger pulpit. It is a sermon that anyone who wants to can hear and sometimes, even those who need to hear. Even in batches.

    Every preacher knows you have streaks, where something in the heart moves and the sermon goes deeper and lifts higher. You've been on a roll for well over a year. Lifted higher we are. Lifted higher.


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