Breaking Out of a Closed Circle

Church planting in Unitarian Universalism has been slow, anemic and pitiful.  In a cultural environment where increasing numbers of people seem to be not interested in the churches that are, planting new churches has to happen.

Congregational systems like the UUA are hamstrung because it is hard to start a church without funds and hard to raise funds without something solid on the ground.

Crowdfunding is one solution. People from throughout Unitarian Universalism give money to help support a church that they don't ever plan on joining.

Can it work? Can it work without lots of institutional fundraising, but with contributions from ordinary people like you and me.

Rev. Ian White Maher and the Original Blessing Congregation in Brooklyn, New York are giving it a try through a crowdfunding platform.  Let's make this work. Take a look at the materials, and I urge you to make a contribution.


  1. Jamie H-R8:27 AM

    Donated. Thanks for putting this out there. I agree we need creative new ways of raising funds.

  2. Lucy I3:26 PM

    Thanks for putting the info about Original Blessing on your blog. It is so exciting! I am excited about the digital ministry/social action/crowdfunding idea.

  3. I hope that the Brooklyn congregation raises what it needs to get going, and think that crowd funding is an innovate way to do that. I wonder, though, particularly in high cost areas like Brooklyn if an another/additional approach might be to partner with like-minded churches of other denominations. What if a new UU and new Episcopal congregation shared space for a few years with seed money coming from members/leadership of both faiths plus crowdfunding? I know that this kind of arrangement would require lots of messy details to be worked out but I guess my point is that liberal religion appears to be struggling across the board and that maybe denominations with similar views on social justice need to think about ways to work together and pool resources.


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