Turn Your Hand and the Flow is Changed.

Happy New Year !

Where I am, it is a cold and somewhat snowy day.  A good day for a special breakfast, and staying inside, except for a trip to the gym, as I do almost every day now.  We stayed up late last night, laughing.

If you are the sort who likes to read something a little longer on a day like today, can I recommend one of my own posts? I wrote it a couple of years ago when asked to respond to Kim Beach's book about James Luther Adams.  There were about 75 people who heard the essay as read at the forum.  Less than 100 have read it since on this blog. If you are trying to figure out where I am coming from, it will tell you.

I think that we UU's should be reading James Luther Adams these days.  I think that we need to re-ground ourselves in the present moment, when the larger society is changing inexorably.

You have put your hand
 in water flowing
have you not?
Water from a pump gushing, 
muscled up from the Earth, 
or magically flowing in the kitchen
when you were learning to wash dishes.
Or maybe bathwater flowing around your toes.
Let your hand go limp
 and your fingers flow away, 
down the stream.
Turn your hand and 
the flow is changed.

--January 1, 2014


  1. "I think that we UU's should be reading James Luther Adams these days."

    I agree. I'll help. https://dailyjla.wordpress.com/


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