Martin Luther King, Jr.

Each year, on this date, I point people again to a sermon that I wrote for a King Day service several years ago. The sermon reminds me that even persons of world-historical significance travel a difficult path into adulthood. Even great ministers struggle to find and define their call among all the expectations of others.
I offer it as a parable that might be comforting to the young seminarians, the aspirants, the candidates, the interns, the colleagues in search for the first time. You are trying to fit yourself to the ministry, but a big part of that is the act of self-definition. 
The line that I am most proud of in the whole sermon is:
"It is the faith of liberal religion, in all its forms, that world-changing energy is released when men and women [sic] free their minds, and claim them as their own."
May this day be one of reflection, inspiration and dedication for all.


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