Religious Community is Not Enough

An article of mine, in this month's UU World.


Jeremy Colton said…
This article was of tremendous personal influence and importance to me. It was, in fact, the proximate cause of my decision to join First Unitarian of Saint Louis last Sunday. I have been an active friend of the Church for over six years and honestly thought I would never join. My wife, a member, read your article in UU World to me and it completely changed my view of my relationship with the Church. I have always been welcomed as a friend and never pressured (if occasionally kidded) about joining. So as long as it was about me and the needs of my wife and I, “friend” was good enough. What I suddenly saw was how, as a member, I can multiply good work in causes that matter to me.

I am a member of the Welcoming Congregation committee, and am deeply appreciative of the work we are doing to welcome LGBTQIA folk. I used to see Welcoming Congregation as work of the Church, which I supported. Now I see it (thanks to you) as work that benefits everyone. That insight has inspired me to take on an effort to be more inclusive of the mentally ill. I learned from the short history lesson in your article that this has the potential to benefit both UU and the mentally ill, far more than I could ever do on my own. This is, to me, an exciting reason to become a full member. Thank you!

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