Obama and Syria

President Obama continues his pattern of making good faith efforts to fulfill the role of President correctly.

When it comes to foreign policy and the use of force abroad, the USA has developed a system of an over-functioning executive branch and an under-functioning legislative branch.  The result is an Imperial Presidency and  a bias toward interventionism.

By seeking Congressional approval for military strikes against the Syrian government, he is doing what he ought, under the Constitution, to be doing.  He is not complying with the dangerous Constitutional theory that allows the Executive branch complete and unchallenged power in foreign and military matters.  And by not complying, he exposes how far off the norm we have gotten.  The neocons are now in the position of arguing that he should be more imperious, that he endangers the country by not unilaterally seeking out every quagmire he can find.  

President Obama keeps acting like a President ought to act.  He seeks bi-partisan compromises on the largest issues before the country, like spending and taxes and health care.  He speak moderately. He keeps inviting those Congressional leaders to lunch and to dinner.  He maintains his dignity.  That we continue to be trapped in gridlock is not on him, but on those who have declared themselves his enemies.

The strategy of "doing the right thing with dignity" is the African American heroic strategy.  Go see "The Butler" for an explicit celebration of that strategy.


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