What We Carry Into the next 50 years.

We are "voices in the wilderness" preparing the way for humanity to proclaim itself the Indigenous Earth People.

"People-hood" is either imposed or self-proclaimed in the midst of struggle.  We see this in micro-ways often and in larger ways less often.  It is the creation of a collective identity -- a community.  50 years ago, there was no LGBTQ community.  Now there is.  

We are Universalists.  Our theological construction imagines a single humanity equally beloved by God. A single humanity exists as a theoretical concept, but does not in consciousness.  Humanity as a whole has very little self-awareness of itself as Humanity.  Everybody has multiple identities, some which are nurturing and some of which are imposed and limiting.  We are all sorting out which of our multiple identities we will claim and which we will set aside and which require some work on our part.  And somewhere among those identities is "I am a human being" but it is not now really known.  We see only glimmers.

There will be a day when we all see ourselves as one Earth People.  Our consciousness of who we are will catch up with the reality. Global climate change is bringing this about.  Global immigration is bringing this about.  And the global economic system which centralizes control under a global financial elite will bring this about.

Identities are usually created in opposition.  If any one of the many science fiction scenarios of alien encounter with the Earth would come to pass, we would know instantly who was and who was not part of the Earth people.  We cannot see how a single humanity will come to know itself -- whether it will over and against the aliens, or the economic elite, or against the relent water at our knees and/or sun on our heads, or the barren seas, or the inhospitable baking Earth, or an asteroid -- that is for the future.

But we carry from our theological forerunners the seeds of an emerging consciousness -- that we exist as the people of the Earth and we are in this together.  One of our missions for the next 50 years is preparing the way.


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