Visioning is Breaking Through the Derp

"Where is the 50 year vision?" asks Gini Courter. Where does it come from?

Visioning is a process filled with derp: the repetition of the same old opinions and points of view as the answer to whatever question is before us.

Evangelical Derp: Jesus is the answer !  Now, tell me your situation.  Oh, in that case, Jesus is the answer.

Republican Derp: Whatever the problem, tax cuts for the wealthy will make it go away.

UU Derp: congregational polity, covenants, the seven principles, inclusive processes, and reminding ourselves that "we ARE the UUA" are what we need.   Because we are radical individualists, each of us has our own derp, which we put forward into every conversation.

When we are anxious, we deploy a thick derp shield to protect ourselves.  The derpish vision for 50 years is that we will continue to be what we are now, except all our present problems will somehow be defeated.

In 50 years, we will be a collection of democratic religious communities that are inclusive, multicultural, multi-generational and spiritually deep.  We will be like we are now, except successful, because we have solved the problems that are so vexing to us today: escaping our demographic narrowness, keeping the children and youth and young adults, finding a worship style that works.  We will be both wonderful attractive, and yet not so sticky that people don't get stuck inside.   Sorry, that's derp.

To me, the big vision questions are (1) planning for the end of religion as we know it and (2) understanding the role of Spirit in a much more harshly exploitative and oppressive social order, with more conflict and rebellion.


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