Two Provocative Quotes....

from Simon Critchley's: The Faith of the Faithless -- just the from Introduction:

This speaks to why we Unitarian Universalists call ourselves a "faith":

"faith [is] not the abstraction of a metaphysical belief in God, but rather a lived subjective commitment to an infinite demand." 

This speaks to what it means to stand on the side of love:

"... politics of love, in which love is understood as that act of absolute spiritual daring that attempts to eviscerate existing conceptions of identity in order that a new form of subjectivity can come into being."

Our Universalism has led us to a place where we can imagine a point of view that somehow honors, respects and transcends all our conflicting, multiple and shifting identities -- a new way of being and acting in the world.  This vision of love is an infinite demand -- beyond realization, but not beyond hope.  It demands enough to give a life the potential for both triumph and tragedy, and a need for witnesses and companions.


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