Tripling Twitter presence in 60 days.

I have been watching my partner, Sue, develop her Twitter presence and I think that her experience would be useful for UU ministers, and others, who want to have a Twitter presence but don't know how to go about it.  

Her situation:  She is the CIO of a large Academic Medical Center.  She has several hundred people in her organization.  She also has a national presence among other people who do her kind of work.  In that way, she is like many ministers who have local congregants and colleagues across the country. 

She went from 150 Twitter presence to having 450 followers in about 60 days.  Here's how:

1.  She defined her Twitter presence in her profile; her profile lists her position AND her passion.  For her, her passion is connecting to young people entering her profession and starting their careers. Twitter is an excellent way to make contact with that group of people.

2.  She defined what she would be tweeting about: (1) What she is doing (2) what she is thinking/reading about and (3) What she thinks.  So she reports on meetings that she is having -- and why they are important. Example:  Met with local CIO's from all industries on recruiting young people to our area to start their career.  She retweets other people's observations and especially articles or resources that she finds interesting.  Example:  Here is a great article on social media use in health systems.   She occasionally tweets on her passion - general statements or specifics.  Example: Look to a new person to grow instead of always seeking experienced job applicant.  She also sends some more personal tweets, but this is not where she maintains her contacts with family and friends.

3.  She follows people who are interesting to her and she follows back almost everyone who follows her.  She uses the Discover option on Twitter to find new people to follow.  She changed her settings so that she did not have to approve a new follower.

4.  She tries to send three tweets a day (including retweets) and spend about 30 minutes per day reading tweets.  That has grown because she now spends less time reading her industry publications and more reading articles and resources recommended by others through Twitter.

To Sum Up: you can build a twitter presence:

1. Define "Who You Are" on Twitter  -- not just position, but passion.
2. Define "What you say" on Twitter -- what you do, what you read and what you think.
3. Look for people to follow, follow them and follow back followers.
4. Set a goal -- numbers of tweets and amount of time per day. 


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