The Parable of Pandora

My good friend, Rev. Jennie Barrington, tells a story about Pandora, the internet radio service.  I will let her tell it.

I love Pandora! I began with a Colin Hay station. His song that just stopped me in my tracks is called, "Waiting for My Real Life to Begin." It's very prayerful. I mixed in a lot of Eddie Vedder. The song of his I love is called "Rise," also very prayerful. But over time I hit "like" for so many different songs, and added in so many different artists, that I never got to hear Colin Hay nor Eddie Vedder anymore, unless I listened to that station for several hours. So then I created a new station from scratch.


  1. I have this terrible yet wonderful feeling I've just previewed our interim minister's first sermon.


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