One Word for Today

It's the end of the church year in UULand.  Don't ask why our year ends in June, but it does. Something to do with the academic year, I am told.  That may have been the original reason, but I also think it is the stale hot and humid air that gathers in old New England churches during the summer.

The ministers are tired.  The religious professionals formerly known as RE Directors are very, very tired.  The musicians are tired.  Congregational leaders are tired.

The hardy go to GA for one last UUpalooza for the year, and then it's blessed withdrawal.  Reading, rest and relaxation.

Everybody thinks it's terrible, unwelcoming, unfriendly and unserious.

Yet, it persists.

The word of the day is "sustainability".

Is the way that we do Unitarian Universalism sustainable?  I don't just mean "sustainable" in the environmental sense, although that is part of it, but "sustainable" in terms of money, time and people power. I don't mean just for the religious professionals, but also for the volunteer lay folk.

I suspect the reason that we "end the year" in June, is that the way we do church is unsustainable.
 We couldn't keep up that pace 12 months a year.

My VUU buddy, Joanna Fontaine Crawford, asked "at the end of the year, have our congregants gotten anything out of it except being poorer and more tired?"

How can we simplify?  How can we focus on what is really important?  How can we match our ambitions to our the reach of our grasp?  How can we cut down on the administrative work?


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