Crowdfunding for Innovation

Peter Bowdon and others have started a fund in honor of Gini Courter "to power new creative and innovative ministries that are just too small or weird or risky or whatever usually leads these important experiments NOT to be funded."

You can donate here:

Closely associated is the creation of crowdfunding platform, like Kickstarter, where people can browse, learn about and donate to a wide variety of potential UU ministries.

This could be a very important structural innovation in the Unitarian Universalist environment. For all of our money; it always feels like we are broke. We have an endowment, and we are the recipients of enormous generosity of various funds fed by the Veatch investments, and yet we are unable to get money into the hands of entrepreneurial ministers and projects.

Crowdfunding can be a way to break through some of the administrative barriers and let people fund promising projects all over.  No telling what might happen.  I know that people around the country have been helping the important mission work in Turley, Oklahoma.  

I would urge people to donate to this fund and then support the crowdfunding platform, by which I mean donating to causes and projects on that fund that seem to be especially worthy.  Maybe we can all learn the skills of asking and giving there. 


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