Area UU Minister Has What the Nones are Looking For

Rev. Joseph Abner, down at the area UU church, announced yesterday that he had discovered what the "nones" are looking for.  The "Nones" are the name religious leaders have given the almost one third of Americans who say that they have no religious affiliation.  Religious professionals have been engaged in intense and sometimes acrimonious discussions about what will attract these folks away from the lives back into the church.

Rev. Abner says that what "the Nones" are looking for is "Naturalistic and Paradoxical Spirituality".
"After years of coffee hour discussions, I have found that "Naturalistic and Paradoxical Spirituality" seems to be how most people in this congregation would like to refer to "the great and eternal mysteries of life, death, and the meaning beyond meaninglessness."   At least, it is a way of thinking that makes the fewest of them feel that they will "be losing their church".  "It's very much like Zen", says Rev. Abner.  "What works here should work everywhere." 

"Naturalistic and Paradoxical Spirituality" is the key.  That, plus banjos.


  1. ansaxte I don't know ab9ut the banjo -- I've been playing banjo in m ministry for thirteen years, and I don't see the Nones crowding in the door.

  2. Steve Cook10:49 AM

    If banjos are involved, count me out!


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