Terrorism: 2013 vs. 2001. We are learning.

I believe that there is much more restraint, compassion and concern for justice in 2013 than in 2001. 

I believe that the media has learned much over the years. 

We are led by a wiser and more just political leaders now. The President asked the question that many of us are asking, "what happened that these two young men took this path?". 

Messages that remind people to not make assumptions that are based on guilt by association, race, religion, ethnicity have been heard all this week. The nation has operated on the frame of a crime, and not the frame of a war.

I am grateful for all those who have spoken out forcefully and consistently for the last 12 years to move us to a better place. 

There is another side, and they will remain active and vocal. But they no longer set the tone overall. They are not leading and they are not winning the future. 

I am grateful.


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