Spiritual Liberals

People ask what I mean by "spiritual liberals" in my previous posts.

Just what you would think -- people possessed by and possessing a liberal spirit.

People who are living their lives oriented around values of compassion, of justice.  People who move toward other people's pain and not away from it.  People who tend toward openness to others, to difference, to new things coming into their lives.  People who are reverent and grateful and hopeful.

I think that this nation is undergoing a great awakening of the liberal spirit.

I think that the unbelievable turnaround of public opinion on marriage equality is a sign of that awakening.

I believe that the way that people of Boston and New England responded to Marathon bombing is evidence of the liberal spirit at work.  They answered the bomber, not with fear. (No one, I submit. was 'cowering' in their house on Friday; people were cooperating with what their elected leaders thought was the best strategy.)  Nor with chest-pounding anger, or trash talk.  And not with xenophobic hysteria.

Everywhere, people of the liberal spirit spread a message of caution, a reminder to keep our best values in mind.  They spoke against rushing to judgement and jumping to conclusions.  They talked about white privilege and how that shaped our response.

If you look for it, you will see so many examples of people possessing  a liberal spirit in their daily life.  Listen! Don't the voices of hate, of war, of division, of exclusion, of moralistic judgement, or fear-mongering sound increasingly tired, and frantic and desperate.  Doesn't the talk of the diabolical jihadis, and the subversive gays, and invading hordes of immigrants, and the government that is coming for their guns sound an little dated, and almost pathetic.

Something's changing in the country.  The wind of new spirit is blowing.

Spiritual liberals feel its gathering power.

Don't you?        


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