Just A Minute! With PeaceBang: Episode 1

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Peacebang and Shane Montoya talk about the economy and ministry.

PB identifies a dilemma between talking about simpler and more cooperative living on the one hand vs just helping people accommodate themselves to lower economic standards of living.

I wish that UU's would simply take a side in the conflicts over money and power that is going on right now.  The decline in the standard of living of ordinary people (poor, working poor, what Ed Shultz calls the "middle class") is not a change in the weather, but the results of policy decisions. It isn't right and it wasn't necessary.  The plight of the middle class is the direct result of all of the wealth created by the increase in productivity in the last forty years (there's that number again) going to the economic elite.  It could have been used to pay for education, or to build lower income housing in Boston, or to subsidize seminary students -- but no, it went for mansions in the Hamptons and God knows what else.

We should take a side: we are in favor of everything that improves the economic conditions of ordinary people: higher minimum wage, more (not less) Social Security, unions, more public transportation, libraries and health clinics, more health insurance, etc. etc.  We don't have to teach the poor how to be poor; we need to demand that the ultra-wealthy come back to Earth and we have to preach that those of us in the middle at least take a side.


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