Saturday, March 30, 2013

They say it's not real.

They say that this, which appeared yesterday in London, is NOT a REAL Banksy.


The idea that genuine-ness of a piece of unsigned, immovable, uncollectible, anonymous, unsellable graffiti is even something that needs to be established beyond a doubt is pretty nuts, if you ask me.

Genuine-ness matters in art comes from the commerce in art.  Who owns what?  And how much is it worth?

The great "they" also say that the scene depicted isn't real, either.  On the face of it.  There were no photographers at the time.  The authorities used scourges, not tasers.  And Jesus was probably shorter and not as white.

This is not an genuine image of the Christ by an artist who is not who he does not claim to be.   It is therefore worthless.  Any amount of money spent to buy it, if it were ever possibly for sale, would be wasted, because it is not real.

And being not real, it has no truth to it.  It might as well not exist.

Move along now; Nothing to see, here.

But it sure looks like the truth to me.

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