Black Helicopters are Old School; Real Patriots Fear Drones.

I don't buy Rand Paul as a defender of 'civil liberties' any more than I buy the argument that the right to amass enough arms for an anti-government insurrection is one of our sacred rights as citizens.

I believe that all this talk about the Obama administration claiming the power to kill US citizens with drones on US soil is grandstanding for the right wing militias who fantasize about leading a white Christian insurrection against a government that represents all Americans.

I believe that Rand Paul's filibuster is just another obstructionist tactic to embarrass Obama by jamming one of his more important appointments.

I am afraid that the Rand Paul filibuster will prove that such Mr. Smith Goes to Washington tv heroics will be seen as effective ways to shape public opinion.  After all, our political media can't help covering spectacles, and good theatre is the highest value.

So, I look forward to seeing Mitch McConnell talking for hours someday about how increasing the minimum wage oppresses the job creators.  Somehow, knowing that he really needs to go the bathroom will make his argument seem wiser.


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