An Invisible Current of Power

Photo from  the New Yorker
How can one be alert to the presence of God?  

How does the great goodness at the heart of creation make itself known these days?  

In a world in which fundamentalists of all types claim that God is on their side, is it blasphemous and dangerous to even ask a such a question? 

The core social principle of liberal religion is that the Holy Spirit moves among humanity.  

It is called by many names, some of which are religious and some are not, but wherever people act for justice, with compassion, with generosity, and in a spirit of reconciliation, that impulse comes from something greater than themselves.  

There is an invisible current of power that runs through all the people of the world, in all of their contentious struggles and conflicts, that moves humanity toward a common future.  

Our common dreams show something common and basic in the way that we are made.  

No one owns this power, and no can claim it, and we can only to perceive it at work and move with it. 


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