Grace Lee Boggs

I have been reading the most recent book by Grace Lee Boggs, the 95 year old veteran radical now centered in Detroit.  Much there to consider about the state of our world.

But what I have been most heartened by is her explication of dialectical thinking, which she summarizes as follows:

Constantly striving to overcome the contradictions or negatives that inevitably arise in the course of struggle, constantly challenged to break free from views that were at one time liberating, but had become fetters because reality had changed, we are required to create new ideas that make more concrete and more universal our concept of what it means to be free.  (page 58 of the Nest American Revolution.)
Tell me more about this "dialectical thinking" and how Unitarian Universalism can get itself some.

Dialectical is close to the word: "dialogue."  And I notice two dialogues being described.

One is the dialogue we have with the realities of the present, this moment in time.  Her catch phrase was what "What time is it on the clock of the world?"

The other is the dialogue we have with our already settled opinions, which seem to be inevitably slide from being liberating to being restricting.  It is in the very nature of human beings to not keep up with changing reality.

But the goal is create new conception of freedom.

This is our work now.


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