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I'm here.

I have blogged in the past, but never with an consistency, either in frequency or subject matter.

Now, I have a different intention.

I plan to blog regularly about modern UU history and our public theologies.  I believe that we in a changing social and political situation and that our thinking about the world around us is dangerously outdated.  I believe that UU's are internally focused, anxious, and timid.

I want to build up a collaborative conversation about these issues.  I welcome your comments, and will respond to them as they pique my interest.  Sometime, I just let your comment speak for itself.  I do delete whining, ax-grinding taunts and insults. I  don't feed the trolls, and you shouldn't either.

I urge you to join the blog if you wish.  You can keep up with latest posts by following me (@tominma) on Twitter, or Tom Schade on Facebook.


  1. Elz Curtiss12:54 PM

    You appear to be writing a pretty good book.


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