Guns and Insurrection

The reason we need guns, we are told, is because, someday we might have to engage in armed struggle with the United States government.

The reason why we might engage in armed struggle with the United State government, we are told, is because, someday, it might try to take away our guns.

The nation is in a more dangerous place than I think we know.

The far-right is locked into a logical loop that will inevitably end in violence.

The number of people who would be moved to defend their arms caches with violence is very small.  However, they would be counting on a larger network of support: the NRA, the Tea Party, the GOP itself.

Everyone will have to take a stand on the question: are restrictions on the right to own unlimited weapons justification for armed rebellion against the government established by the Constitution?

Clarity about this question is needed to break the logical loop of the gun-extremists.  Or at least contain the damage.


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