Two Thanksgiving Prayers 2012

We prayed with these words on November 18th.

A Prayer of Individual Gratitude for the Church....

O Spirit of Life and Love,
God of many Names and Forms

We give thanks for the changes you are working in us,
turning us from delusion to truth,
from pride to humility,
from cynicism to reverence, 
from conformity to freedom,
from indifference to compassion, 
from disdain and judgment to openness and curiosity,
from isolation to solidarity. 
Each day, you call us beyond our selves, 
and even if we do not answer, 
we are grateful that you call.

We give thanks, this day, for this church and our fellow congregants, for all that they share: 
words, stories, music, 
working hands and creative minds, 
and their kind witness of our changes.

We give thanks for those who came before us, 
for this beautiful room, and a stable institution,
 and the traditions that have sustained a beacon of the free spirit. 
We are grateful that long before we were here, 
here was here, 
waiting for us.

And we give thanks to you, O restless spirit, 
O creating, sustaining and transforming power not made by human hands, 
for inviting us into your works 
of drawing together humanity, 
binding us together in peace and love, 
and healing the world. 

- Rev. Tom Schade, 2012

We will pray with these words on November 25th

A Thanksgiving Prayer

O Heavenly Kindness,
Forgive today our many ingratitudes --
our boredom with all beauty and 
the cynicism with which we meet all hope.

Forgive today our entitlements
that deny the pleasure of all giving 
and any receiving.

Forgive today our guilt
by which we diminish our charity
and convert the kindness of others 
into our indebtedness.

Teach us today to receive, 
to accept help, 
to hear praise, 
to hug back, 
to say thanks and 
and to be loved. 

- Rev. Tom Schade, 2012


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