How Religious Liberalism does: (1)

What does a Religious Liberal do, or not do?

A Religious liberal doesn't demonize...

When a big storm comes along and governmental officials tell people evacuate a neighborhood or a community, some people won't go.  Maybe they had a good reason, maybe not.  Maybe they had no other choice, or no way to get anywhere else, or nowhere to go.  Or no cash to get there.  Maybe they screwed up.  Maybe they were screwed up at the time when they should have been thinking straight.

They may end up needing help, or rescue, or assistance, any of which cost money, and may place others in danger.

Public officials will need to point the objective and necessary actions over and over again.  The media will need to reinforce this message.

But a religious liberal doesn't demonize people who need help, even if they are not blameless.  They don't call them "jerks" or "stupid" or "ignorant" or "show-offs" or any of the other things that are thrown around by political figures or media people who consider themselves "tough talkers".

There is no need ever to demonize and disparage people who need help.

When people do things that seem irrational, or selfish, or dangerous, respect demands that you try to find out why, with some sympathy.  People are worthy of respect.

Religious liberals don't demonize; we humanize.  It's how we do.


  1. For an illustration of this situation I recommend the movie "The Beasts of the Southern Wild"

    I watched it a few days ago as part of a Meetup group called Movies and Meaning. Our post movie discussion included this very topic and the movie did a great job of helping us understand the perspective of the people who refused to evacuate.

    here's a link to the preview:


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