Behind the Man with the Gun Lies the Apocalypse

If God made all the world and all the world's people, when and why would God unmake us all?  The question is inevitable  for all the cosmic monotheists of the world.

All the world, or maybe just all the world's institutions, will someday be destroyed in a cosmic cleansing fire.  The end of the world.

Really, when you think about it, it is hard to imagine as a real prospect.  The Earth is a watery rock floating in space with a 25,000 mile circumference.  It will endure.  Humanity itself will hard to wipe out.  The world is so large, with so many micro-environmental niches, that it is likely some humans would survive even the most devastating environmental disaster. 

No, the end of the world, the apocalypse does not arise from any concrete reality, but as the logical consequence of the thought of a single-creator God. It is a mental construction.

Not that the apocalypse has not captured the human imagination.  As a meme, it has jumped out of theology and religion and entered into politics, sociology, psychology and mass entertainment.  And it is not feared, but waited upon.

And for some, it becomes a purpose of their life to invite it, to provoke it.

Doesn't it seem that every man with a gun, carrying out his deadly mission of a mass shooting in a public place is trying to provoke, in some way or form, the cleansing fire of the apocalypse.  The race war, the revolution, war that will end the world.  Sending up a signal flare so that God may target His thunderbolts.

It is not guns; it is not the theology; it is not the cause; it is not the mental illness, though all of these play a part.  It is the yearning to play a part in the ending of it all. 

Of course, they usually get their wish.  The mass shooting is often suicide by attempted apocalypse.   Their world does end. 

But some live, remaining as impenetrable characters of nihilistic yearning: the Joker. 

All visions of the apocalypse are genocidal fantasies -- a projection onto God of a violent murderous rage that would destroy all "those" people.

It will not work that way.  In all ways that matter, life will be going on -- almost all of us people will be here tomorrow, plus some new ones.  -- the universe is unconquerable -- we have no choice but to learn how to live with it.


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