Marriage, Obama, North Carolina

Just saying those three words together gives a person a headache.

North Carolina just passed their amendment One -- a nasty slap in the face of every gay, lesbian and queer person in the state. 

North Carolina voted for Obama in 2008 and could well again in 2012.  If the current predictions of a closer 2012 election come true, North Carolina might make the difference between Forward and Backward.

Obama is a mush and muddle about marriage equality.  He makes every dog whistle he can that he favors marriage equality, but he will not say so.  And when I think of the awesome goose-bumptious speech he could give on behalf of marriage equality, I want to cry that he won't, or hasn't yet, or can't.

Of course, my default on Barack Obama is that he is melanin-enhanced version of myself -- a warrior for the great progressive cause, a man of the Left, as they say in Europe.  I am willing to crow loudly for marriage; but Obama seems to cluck like a chicken on the subject. And how could he be so cautious on a cause dear to us, his loyalest supporters?

But progressives are not Obama's loyalest supporters.  African-American voters are his strongest supporters and his base.  And his base is divided on the marriage equality -- Not as much as they used to be, but still divided. 

I do not believe that President Obama thinks that being less than clear about marriage equality is going to fool any Republican social conservatives.  But it may help keep some of the most socially conservative African Americans religious leaders and voters in the coalition.

It's really great when the President of the United States can be the advocate for one's causes.  It doesn't always work out that way.  Sometimes you have to lead from below and say what the President thinks he can't say.   


  1. So... Clearly he reads your blog.

  2. Do you think it was that "cluck like a chicken" line that got him? I debated with myself on that one, but hey, maybe it worked...

    What should I turn my snark power to next?


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