What Will Not Be Said about Trayvon Martin's Case

The indictment of George Zimmerman is justice being done.  Everyone will say that.

What will not be said, at least, not very often, is justice would not have been done if it were not for the public outcry and protest that developed.  And, that social media activism was crucial in creating and sustaining a firestorm of protest

Social media activism also educated millions of people about this case.  The articles, the exposes, the information that put this case in context were shared with millions of friends and followers who would have been outside the information network of activists before.  I know that in the last 3 weeks, I have read many articles and comments in publications that I had not been familiar with before.

I call it another win.  Like the defense of Planned Parenthood from the Susan G. Komen's attempt to cut them off.  Like the Senate GOP dropping the Blunt Amendment.  Like the spanking of Rush Limbaugh when he slandered Ms. Fluke.


  1. And the review of the gassing of students at Santa Cruz.


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