A shocking argument for or against Obamacare

I received this from a friend of mine, (the same one who suggested that the nation draft young people into a nationalized porn industry to pay for college costs.  He describes himself as a pragmatic conservative who is unencumbered by political correctness and do-gooderism.  

This is what he suggested.  (I using the abbreviation for his standard opening with which he starts all discussions of political or policy matters "Its really very simple; all you have to do is...."  That's the way they do it on the blogs he reads.
IRVS:AYHTDI stop coddling the freeloaders.  There are a bunch of people (and you know who they are, don't you?) you think that they don't have to pay for health care like everybody else.  While the rest of us are getting up and driving our trucks down the freeway to get to the job so we can take care of our family, these folks are still in bed, waiting for their breakfast of skittles and iced tea to be brought to them.  They don't have health insurance, but why should they care?  If they get sick, they just go to the hospital emergency room and get their free care.   And who pays for that?  You do and I do.  The hospital sticks us with the bill and we pay for it with higher premiums on our insurance.  

I say it time to stop coddling the freeloaders.  Just tell them that they have to get health insurance, or else.  If they don't, make em pay a big old fine, so they get it either way.  Sure, if there are some genuinely poor people out there who deserve it, it would be ok to let them have a subsidy.

Now, where are they supposed to get this insurance?  Well, they should get it at work, like a real American.  But it may be that the job creator who created their particular job can't afford to give them health insurance.  If that's the case,  I think that the federal government should stop putting job-killing regulations and taxes on the job creators, and give them a little cash money to help them buy insurance for their people.  That's being helpful.

Now, if you liberals came up with a plan like mine, I could support it.  But you are so busy being nice and trying to help people who should be helping themselves and talking about compassion, you come up with completely unreasonable, unworkable, socialist plans like Obamacare.  You just don't the guts to be mean enough to get the job done. 

Repeal Obamacare!  Just Make the Freeloaders Buy their Own Damn Insurance! 

I would make some comments on my friends suggestions, but my dogs have started barking for some reason, and I need to go see what's got their attention.


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