Beyond Congregations Thoughts -- #1

The first question that everyone should ask when the President of the UUA writes something for us all to consider is: for whom and to whom is he speaking?

Some people like to talk about 'The UUA' as if it were a single, monolithic body.  Not true anymore.  Remember that the Moderator of UUA endorsed a different candidate for the Presidency of the UUA than our current President.  Moderator Courter endorsed Laurel Hallman.  Laurel Hallman was more favorable to "policy governance" than Peter Morales.

I am told that the staff and the board are not always on the same page right now.

The Board of the UUA (and Gini Courter) has been quite clear that they are trying to make themselves more accountable to the congregations.  That was the impetus behind The Great Disaffiliation Campaign of a few years ago, when the Independent Affiliate Organization were weaned from official status.

Now, we have President Morales calling for an increased focus on non-congregational forms of Unitarian Universalism.  That's what the independent affiliates were.

Does the UUA Board share the analysis that the growth of Unitarian Universalism will include lots of non-congregational organizations?  I don't know.  Does anyone?


Robin Edgar said…
"I am told that the staff and the board are not always on the same page right now."

Thanks for that classic example of diplomatic understatement Tom. . .

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