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Elz Curtiss writes in a comment on a post in Beauty Tips for Ministers (part of an extended multi-sided discourse on Almy's introduction of a clerical shirt in the hello yellow of the Standing on the Side of Love Campaign.)

It is my contention that today’s Unitarian Universalst Association has adopted demonstrations as a sacramental faith-revival tool, such as The Lord’s Supper used to be. Getting arrested is our new adult Baptismal ritual. There is no question that many UU Facebook threads brook no compromise on many political issues. This raises questions about our openness on political and cultural issues. Do we really want to be as politically narrow as the Religious Right tries to be? Many of those congregations, by the way, are reconsidering whether that is the best way to serve their God and members, as people leave when their politics soften or change. I believe that she means for us to be shocked into recognition by her assertion that some religious liberals see the demons…

What to do about the "1%"

Remember, the 1% is political poetry.  There is nothing inherently wrong with making more than some arbitrarily chosen number of dollars.  There will always be a 1%.

The problem with our system is that too much of our national wealth is being invested by the financial markets: Wall Street.  Wall Street only knows how to do one thing: invest capital in order to produce the maximum short term profit.  It very efficiently moves money around to put money in the hands of enterprises which will make the most money right now.

What if Goldman Sachs announced a mutual fund that would invest in the creation of mass transit.  It would promise to spend whatever money it took to build a first class mass transit system.  It would not get any profits for decades if ever.  I don't know about you; I'm not putting my 401k in that fund.

The history of socialism and capitalism has shown that you cannot replace financial markets with government planners and still get efficient capital utilization…