A 99 Percent Consciousness

We all have to work on developing a 99 Percent Consciousness, which will be hard.

We see the start of it when Occupiers relate to the Police as people in the 99%.   The police are ordinary people who have done what they needed to do to make their way in this society.  Their best instincts and motivations have been co-opted to serve a system that is not benefitting them.

All but a tiny handful of the people you know are in the 99%.  A 99 Percent consciousness relates to them with an open heart and with sympathy for what they have done and are doing to make their way under a system that is not working for them.

The 99 Percent includes most of the people who disagree with you; most of the people whose taste and cultural style disturb or amuse you; all of the people you instinctively look down on; all of the people you have 'risen above' or 'left behind.'

It approaching others with empathy, curiosity and solidarity.  It is trying to find the way that you can step over your judgments and see them as allies.  We must see them as allies, because we need to be allies, if we are ever to live in the world we want.

We need to think more like Walt Whitman, giving voice to adhesion, the love of all for all.

Yes, in one sense, we need to approach 100% of the people with the same open-hearted delight.  That is the socio-spiritual virtue we ought develop.  But you can't get to 100% without going through 99%.  And the material reality is such that in order to make a better life for everyone in the 99%, we will need to sharply reduce the political power of the 1%.   


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