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Occupied ! Sermon of 10/23/11

Occupied! Delivered 10/23/11 First Unitarian Church of Worcester, MA
The book of Leviticus was written, scholars think, about 2500 years ago.It was part of a great movement of formalizing the religion of the Hebrews, establishing rules and procedures and laws to govern all aspects of life.And as we have heard, they called for a Jubilee year every 50 years, a time when all the debts accumulated, all the service indentures, indeed all the land sales of the previous half century would be reversed.It is not clear how this was implemented if ever.I bring it up not because I think that we are supposed to do this, but because it shows that even 2500 years ago, justice minded people were trying to figure out ways to clear debts in an orderly fashion.
As the newspaper today shows, this is still a problem, or a problem again.The world is awash with debts that there is little hope can be repaid.From whole countries like Greece to individuals that you know who are underwater in their mortgages or enc…