Justice GA

Reports from those planning the 2012 Justice GA in Phoenix are positive.  It seems that planning groups are meeting productively, resolving differences, avoiding errors and producing a good plan.

This is a testament to their interpersonal skills and wisdom, something I have grown to expect from almost all UU leaders at the Association level.  People work well together, hear each other and make decisions with sensitivity and wisdom.

Our collective decision making process is not so good.  From what I can tell the decision to go to change the regular Phoenix GA to a new-style Justice GA was not made from a clear strategic vision.  Some felt bound by financial interests to go to Phoenix as we normally would have.  Some felt we should boycott Phoenix.  A compromise was reached that did not have any particular content and about which many have been skeptical.  The chances of failure have been pointed out numerous times.

But groups of leaders are in the process of making it work.  Who knows it may even be very important, in the end.  It may even be transformative of our faith and of the entire political climate around immigration.

I would rather have a bad strategy but leaders with great interpersonal skills than a great strategy and leaders with lousy interpersonal skills.


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