Liberal Religion's Answer to Oslo

Multi-culturalism in inevitable.  The process of globalization will lead to a blurring of religious and cultural differences; there are both melting pots and mosaics in our future.  Liberal Religion thinks that this a good thing; we welcome it as a frequently liberating process.  The future is secular governments, pluralistic culture, religious diversity, free religious organizations and the rights of private conscience and we think that it will be great.

There are people in the world who fear the future and some who will try to violently derail it.  While they pose a very real and concrete danger to the future of liberal society, they are fighting a losing battle.  But history tells us people trying to stop progress can be unspeakably cruel and violent.  We recognize this danger.  We call upon the state to keep a watchful eye on reactionary and racist groups and to vigorously enforce the law.

We call upon all people to be vigilant against any form of racism, national chauvinism and cultural reaction. Each of us must make clear our intention to live in a peaceful, multicultural world as a positive good.  Racists assume that the silent majority is with them; Liberal religion should lead the way in making clear that this assumption is not true.

We have a right to defend ourselves.

We are not afraid of the future.  We believe that the human impulses toward solidarity, friendship, curiosity, and cultural adaption will continue to shape our future together, judy as they have in the past.  We are one humanity growing into consciousness of ourselves as one.

(To be clear: when I refer to "Liberal Religion", I am referring to a broad group of people.  Unitarian Universalists are but one type of LIberal Religion.  I include in this most mainline Protestants, many Catholics, many Jews, some Muslims, lots of the unchurched, many adherents of Western Buddhism and many others.)


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