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A Blue Dog with a Blue Nose

OK, I am able to comprehend that Kent Conrad, the only Unitarian Universalist serving in the US Senate, differs from me on the question of the public option in the health care reform debate.  It is not a matter of faith, after all.

But why on earth does a Unitarian Universalist vote $50 million for abstinence-only sexuality education programs in an amendment proposed by Orrin Hatch (R-Mormon)?  This really creeps me out.  I thought that it was a matter of faith to us that we told our kids the truth and gave them real information.

UUMA Politics -- 1000+ members & 3 hour annual business meeting

The UUMA is an organization of over 1000 people, with an volunteer board.  The organization meets for business once in a year in a business meeting that lasts a couple of hours in a hotel ballroom.  The members of the organization pay it fitful attention for 362 days a year.
The Exec is going to make proposals for how to go forward on a range of issues. They are going to publish them, and few people are going to read them.  But organizational democracy depends on people reading them and preparing their response.
The Exec this year did so for a dues increase and hiring an Executive Director.
When the organization gets to the business meeting, the proposals are pretty well set; there will be no opportunity for extended discussion and devising new proposals on the fly.  Really, there are only two alternatives available if you don't like the proposal presented by the Exec.  (1) Urge a "No" vote -- and have your arguments ready (2) Be ready with some amendments or substitutes th…