Going Away

I am heading out of country for a couple of weeks. I will not be accepting comments on this blog starting tonight until I come back. I may post a little, but probably not, and certainly not about UUA politics.


  1. Bon Voyage Tom.

    Although I disagree with *some* of your ideas about UUA politics I agree with a lot of what you are saying here and look forward to further discussion when you return. In the meantime I may blog about what you have said here on my own blogs. I just thought I would take this opportunity to let you know that although I do disagree with you on some points, and may say so quite bluntly, I do not hold any "hard feelings" towards you or any such thing. I appreciate the opportunity to discuss these issues in a free and open manner and hope that your posts here and all related comments will help U*Us to reform and improve UUA politics to say nothing of local church politics. . .

    Vive la revolU*Ution! ;-)


    Robin Edgar


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