It really happened

So, I am presiding over a religious service at GA this year. And my lovely and faithful co-officient is a well-known blogger famous for her savvy advice about fashion, beauty and the importance of making the small sacrifice of looking like a religious leader.
So I mention that we will be robing for this event, inasmuch as it is a religious service. She says, in that little voice "Do I have to?" Sigh. Another Sigh. O, I guess so."
I swear it really happened. If I hadn't summoned a semi-stern look, but told her that a stole, a mu-mu and some crocs would have been OK, I think that she would have gone for it.
The meaning that I draw from this tale is: we all struggle with temptation, even those who lead.

Mercy Mercy Mercy.


  1. You could do what I did in that same role a few years back: ship the robe and accoutrement to myself in care of the hotel and ship the same back to myself the second it was over.

    Saves some schlepping. Unless one is so free spirited as to drive cross country.

  2. Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from muu-muus?

  3. I am STILL SIGHING about it. Deeply.

    Also making cranky faces. Because I think we would look COOL and FRIENDLY just in regular clothes. C'mON!

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