Losing 2008 in 2007

According to Hines Sight, we are supposed to be bowled over by the Obama Barack ad which rips off the old Apple ad wherein Big Brother's video image is smashed before the eyes of a mass of beaten down and chained prisoners, by a bright young thing in a jogging suit. Big Brother brought down using one of those Olympic style hammers, which don't look like hammers at all.
Anyway, the Obama ad has Hillary Clinton up their droning on like Big Brother. How hip and how cool is that?
Problem is that it is a right wing talking point that Hillary Clinton is a potential authoritarian menace -- a liberal fascist. It became a favorite right wing talking point after Hillary supposedly tried to take over the entire Health Care Industry by providing a plan for universal health insurance while making every element of the health care industry happy.
So, Obama thinks that Hillary is a authoritarian threat.
If Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee, then Obama Barack has reinforced the narrative that will be used against the Party's nominee. Gee Thanks.
If Barack Obama is the nominee, why should anyone believe him when he says the Guiliani/Romney/McCain each plan to continue the Bush progress toward unconstitutional and undemocratic authoritarianism? He has trivialized the most telling argument against continued GOP rule. He has reduced a constitutional crisis to the level of a brand war over hipness.
Supposedly, it is an independent expenditure, but really, the ad ends with the official website.
Senator Obama should pull the ad down.


  1. It's hysterical video and just points out Clinton's incredibly wooden delivery.

    Barack Obama betrayed progressives in Chicago when he backed our corrupt Cook County Board President: Todd Stroger, in the last election. Obama's a Chicago Pol with progressive veneer. He becomes Prez and Chicago sends the grafters and wise guys to Washington.

  2. I rest my case.

  3. We'll send you Obama's mentor Tony Rezko. Obama's a phoney.

  4. Anonymous5:42 PM

    On Meet the Press Sunday, one of the commentators discussed this ad. The gist of what he said was that no one knew where it came from (yet) and this was just the beginning of such events. Personally, I do not believe Obama had anything to do with the ad -

  5. If Obama did not have anything to do with the ad, then he will ask for it to not be shown further. However, over a million people have seen it, I understand, and the damage has been done. While the immediate target may have been Hillary Clinton, in the end, the conservative Republican message that all Democrats, including whoever is our nominee in 2008, are inauthentic, dangerous phonies will have been reinforced by this ad.
    Considering the history of the last six years, for any Democrat to suggest that anyone other than George Bush and Dick Cheney are the parallels to Orwells Big Brother is so out of touch with reality that it boggles the mind.

  6. The stupidity of it was monumental.

    I have been Over Obama since I first heard him speak. What's the whole messiah thing going on with him? He's had like five minutes' of experience!


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