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Losing 2008 in 2007

According to Hines Sight, we are supposed to be bowled over by the Obama Barack ad which rips off the old Apple ad wherein Big Brother's video image is smashed before the eyes of a mass of beaten down and chained prisoners, by a bright young thing in a jogging suit. Big Brother brought down using one of those Olympic style hammers, which don't look like hammers at all.
Anyway, the Obama ad has Hillary Clinton up their droning on like Big Brother. How hip and how cool is that?
Problem is that it is a right wing talking point that Hillary Clinton is a potential authoritarian menace -- a liberal fascist. It became a favorite right wing talking point after Hillary supposedly tried to take over the entire Health Care Industry by providing a plan for universal health insurance while making every element of the health care industry happy.
So, Obama thinks that Hillary is a authoritarian threat.
If Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee, then Obama Barack has reinforced the narrati…

Politics in Church

The Washington Post reported a study that showed that the political polarization of the country was very pronounced. There is not much of a politically centrist portion of the population. I don't doubt it.
People who because of rules, regulations or custom, are supposed to talk or write about current events in a non-partisan way are put into a very difficult position by this polarization. One such group are the elite pundit corps of columnists and commentators, who are supposed to be neutral and objective. Apparently, their strategy for dealing with this situation is to pine for the good old days of bi-partisanship and dream about a John McCain-Joe Leiberman Unity Government.
Another group professionally disadvantaged by the collapse of the middle are ministers. The issues are too grave to not talk about them. The old "plague on both their houses" doesn't hold water any more, because one party wages illegal wars, tortures people and claims unprecedented…

Forming the Firing Squad in a Circle

As usual, liberals, both at the rank and file level and at the level of commentators and bloggers, are busy writing stories about the Democrats in Congress that work to the benefit of the GOP. The explosion of blogs now means that everyone can get in one what used to be the Washington elite media's exclusive terrain -- telling people how weak, ineffectual and incompetent the Democratic party is.
The House passed a non-binding resolution disapproving of the escalation of the war. Only 15 Republicans voted for the resolution and 2 Democrats voted against it. Despite the cratering of public support for the war, the GOP held together very well in the House. There had been some predictions of as many as 40-60 GOP defections. Only 15.
In the Senate, the same non-binding resolution was filibustered. The cloture motion got 57 votes -- a much higher percentage of GOP Senators defected from the President as in House. The story however, was that the President's Party had prevailed,…