A World Trade Tower Toll per Week

Estimates are now that approximately, conservatively, 3000 Iraqis are dying per week in the Iraqi Civil War, a sectarian conflict unleashed when the United States overthrew Saddam Hussien. While only a small proportion of those deaths are caused directly by American forces, it appears that the vast majority of Iraqis hold the US to be ultimately responsible for those deaths.
Two questions:

  1. Could we be so naive as to think that this violence will not come back to this country?
  2. If a terrorist attack on US soil killed a large number of people, would it be believable, in the world that we now live in, to say that it was an "unprovoked attack on innocent people." I cannot imagine that another attack on US soil would be seen as the 9.11 attacks were seen.


  1. Sadly, I think you are correct.
    Many of us have been saying we are "less safe", and, of course, this is what we meant -- that this violence will come back to haunt us. But, I can't help but think that the ones who thought that being bullies would work in the first place may think it will still work. Definitely not reality based. Don't they remember how everyone cheered when the school bully "got his"? Because, eventually, someone strikes back.


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