The Planning Committee Speaks

The Planning Committee states their position (from the comments section)

There will be a full Sunday Worship Service, complete with a sermon by Rev. Josh Pawalek and music by the 1st UU Portland choir. The difference is that it will be in the afternoon. We will end with closing worship instead of the usual closing ceremony. Sunday's schedule will include morning spiritual practices, a pre-plenary hymn sing, a plenary session, a GA choir concert, a workshop/featured presentation session, and the closing worship service. (Local folks can attend their own congregation's service in the morning and the GA one in the afternoon.)
Closing worship will be the last event, 4-6 PM. In response to feedback from 06 attendees, we're trying to give people a chance to stay for all of GA and still get home to get to work Monday morning. We think that ending with a worship service actually elevates the importance of communal worship, not diminishes it.

The decision to shift items in the Sunday schedule was just made a few days ago--we haven't had a chance to get meeting minutes or web page material up yet. More info will get sent out shortly.

Beth McGregor
GA Planning Committee


Chelle said…
How many UU churches have worship on Sunday AFTERNOON????

Makes me wonder how many people have thought about how this is going to look outside of a small UU circle. 'Cuz I see the press and really conservative religious folk having a field day with this one.
Anonymous said…
I see the press and "really conservative religious folk" not giving half-a-shit about it.
Chelle said…
On the face of might be will look like they aren't giving half-a-shit about it.

Imagine however, it getting out that the Unitarians are having a business meeting while everybody else is at church. That actually might cause comment.
Anonymous said…
I personally think it is a wonderful idea to end General Assembly with worship. What better way to bring to a close our gathering of congregations? I remember thinking last year in St. Louis after Sunday Worship -- it just doesn't get any better than this! Dayenu. I will be there to see how a new order of service and a new time works for me and for GA. Imagine if the word gets out that UUs have a business meeting to do the work of our Association and grow Unitarian Universalism and then pause to worship? Sounds pretty good to me!

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