On Vacation

This is the final week of the summer, and I am on vacation at last. As one of the few UU ministers I know who works through the summer, this one week break between the summer and the Ingathering service is always especially welcome.
We head to Minnesota, to a house on a lake to spend time with family. It's relaxing and I need it.
I always bring the wrong books on vacation. Serious books that are going to be useful for later -- I even spent some time today with a big book that I need to read for a study group. Eyes glazed over and off to sleep I went. Fortunately I have a Carl Haissan in the backpack.
I am also aware that last year on this vacation, we sat transfixed before the TV and watched the horror show that was Katrina in New Orleans unfold on the screen. I will never forget the slow emotional progression of those days. What started out as just another hurricane story on the news, turning to a serious story that required some real attention, and then on to that kind of news event that takes over hours of every day, and hooks you into that TV crisis land and then moving even beyond that, into a realization that something truly horrific was happening that leapt from the screen into the totality of your life, and even into your dreams, and the world was changing forever, and that the anger we felt was not just a stage of grief, but legitimate and deserved.


  1. Anonymous1:58 PM

    Just another hurricane story? The hurricanes before Katrina may not seem big to those in Massachusetts, but there are still those in Florida whose homes are not rebuilt from the hurricanes of 2004 --- the largest hurricane season in some time up until then. It may be the "just another hurricane" attitude that was part of the response problem for Katrina --- it definitely was and is part of the problem in preventing future predictable catastropes in New Orleans and elsewhere.

  2. I don't think it was the "just another hurricane" attitude that was part of the Katrina response.

    Look at the FEMA response in Florida last year as opposed to Louisiana (and to a lesser extent Mississippi). This is not to say that there weren't problems in FEMA's Florida response, but there did seem to be a level of preparedness that was almost non-existant for Katrina.

    Also, help was not turned away in Florida (by FEMA) as we know that it was in both Louisiana and Mississippi.

    And let's be honest, it was just another hurricane as far as the media was concerned until it hit the Gulf and warmer waters. Before Katrina hit the Gulf, the weather people were already talking about the storm behind Katrina. It was only when Katrina hit the Gulf that it became a real story.

    anyway.....LT....I hope you enjoy your Carl Hiaasen book. I bet you'll get more for your sermons out of it than you think.


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