No, It's not true

that I killed off my old blog, Prophet Motive, because I am trying to cover up the fact that the aforementioned Prophet was on the record as endorsing Joe Leiberman for President. Really, it was just technical problems and I had run out of things to say at a certain point. And, to be honest, after endorsing Joe Leiberman for President, is there anything left to say?

I refer you to my profile regarding my claims of Olympian Wisdom.

I do believe that all of us must make a moral accounting for where we were, what we did, and what we did not do, and how we evaluated the results of our words and actions when our country permitted its government to reach out and bring the people of Iraq to the gates of hell. It was a systemic failure of our entire political culture. My congregation has heard me address my own thinking about my own practice on this question, but not yet in a systematic way. My summarization is still in process, and it is not easy.

I also think that the anti-war movement has different, but related, work to do. Why was it so ineffective? Indeed, why did the great public shift against the war occur only after the antiwar movement had fallen silent? Why did it seem irrelevant and disengaged with the real questions of post 9-11 security?


  1. I'm sure I have the database backup from your old blog. I throw nothing away. It just takes me a while to find things . . . .

  2. I said that I wasn't trying to cover it up. I didn't say that I wanted to get it out and dance around, waving it over my head.

  3. Oh, DO! You're such a good dancer!


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